October's Seed Part Challenge Rules! - READ!

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October's Seed Part Challenge Rules! - READ!

Postby Bluesecrets on Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:10 pm

The seed part challenge with my little twist. Now for the important questions:

Who is eligible?
Any Forbidden Cove member. This includes the moderators and administrators of this site (except me).

What is a seed part challenge?
Well it’s simple. I name a part(s); you build a PIRATE MOC with the seed part(s) in the most creative way possible.

This MOC needs to be a period pirate MOC about the Salem Witch Trials or Salem at the time of these trials. There WERE pirates there. Research as you need.

To be infinitely clear here: The MOC will be judged SOLELY on the creativity of the seed part(s).

Please keep the content of this MOC appropriate for minors. Any MOC built with innuendo or inappropriate content will be disqualified and removed.

How many times can I enter?

This time you can enter three times if you so wish.

Are there size restrictions?

Nope, not this time.

Is there a rule about overhang?
There is no need for any overhang with an unlimited base size. So do not use it or you are a disqualify.

Can I build SNOT?

Can I use tiles?

Can I use more than one of the part in my MOC?
Sure. But don’t just fill up the MOC with useless parts just to see how many you can jam into it. That is a waste of an entry.

Does my seed part(s) have to the be same color as you showed?
Nope. Use what you have.

What is the rule about the pictures?
Host them where you want. But, you are limited to three pictures in the sub folder or set. Yes, I said subfolder or set. I am not going searching through your whole photo stream at flickr to find your entries. More than three pictures in this subfolder will disqualify you. A fourth picture as a thumbnail is not permitted. Also, if you plan on winning a contest, make sure you pictures are good. I reserve the right to disqualify anyone for crappy pictures that I can not see the moc, too dark pictures, and too fuzzy.

Your pictures need to show the seed part(s). If I have to guess where and what you used it for, because it is not easy to see, you'll be disqualified.

What is the time line?
The seed part will be announced September 27th. This contest will close on midnight October 31st EST. If your entry is not properly posted in the entry thread by that time you will not be entered into the contest.

On the 31st of October at 11:59 pm EST all submissions must be entered and visible.
(This means if you are using brickshelf, they better already have been moderated and are up for all to look at WITHOUT a deeplink.)

Prize you say?
Yes there is a prize. It is a nice pirate set, 6253 Shipwreck Hideout.

Can I use a WIP or another MOC that I’ve modified?

Can I use custom pieces?
Sure and decals if you would like. But no clones brand pieces. And please keep the decals and customs to a minimum.

Anything else?
Yes there is. If you do not like the rules of this contest, then please go else where to find another contest. Arguing will immediately disqualify you.

One winner will be chosen using set criteria that follows the rules. Any complaining or whining after the fact, in other words, being a poor loser, and you will be permanently disqualified from any other seed part challenge I run.

The admins of Forbidden Cove reserve the right to remove any entries at any given time.
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