Hello. We sell gold on Kronos WoW 1.12 server.

Our service is:

★ Best offer in the market   ★ Fast Delivery   ★ Secure transfer method   ★ Selling 24/7

Our prices for Kronos gold

Price per 100 gold - $14 USD (approximately €12,4 EUR).

You can buy gold both fractions Horde/Alliance.

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How to buy?

1) Contact us and tell your server, faction, nickname and level.

2) We'll send you our payment details. You can pay via Paypal or Skrill.

3) After payment we'll deliver the gold.

How we deliver the gold?

Typically, we use auction house to transfer the gold. This method is secure and does not arouse suspicions. It looks like an ordinary sale at auction.

We'll give you items (epic/rare gear or expensive reagents). You will put them on auction. After some time we'll buy them. We pay for the commission of the auction house; you will receive the full amount.

How long to wait for delivery?

We'll deliver the gold to you as soon as possible. On average the delivery takes 10-15 minutes.

Can I trust you?

You make full prepayment for the order. To check our service you can pay in parts.

For example, you pay 50 gold. After delivery, you will be able to buy more.

Is it safe to buy gold?

This is really safe. We'll give you gold by safe way, which will look like a normal transaction.

We earn gold by sales at auction and professions.

Our contacts

Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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